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2010年 元智大學資訊管理系畢業


2016年 Visual Arts Osaka(ビジュアルアーツ大阪)專門學校寫真學科畢業

2016年 TIVAC攝影獎-評審獎 (V.F.行星系-蔬果之宇宙異想)

2016日本清里寫真美術館 Young Portfolio Acquisitions  (YP16)作品永久收藏 (台北再會)

Hsuan Lang Lin

1987 born in Taipei, Taiwan  based in Taipei now

 2010 graduated from Yuan Ze University ,Department of Information Management

 2016 graduated from Visual Arts Osaka college ,Department of Photography



2016 TIVAC Photography Award, Jury Prize

         (V.F. Planetary System- Imagination of Space by Vegetable and Fruit)

2016 Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts. Young Portfolio Acquisitions

         (Taipei No Goodbye)      

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